From a very young age...I have been a lover of the beach & Sea
She inspires my creativity to see beauty in all things
Sand and sea salt between my toes brings a peace and nostalgia through me She has always made me feel like my world is my oyster
I get the same feeling when I step into my studio to create...
Time is nonexistent and my imagination expands.
Mahalo for being a part of my world and allowing me to be a part of yours

With gratitude,


Born out of a desire to create with beautiful detailed objects.

I love texture, color,& design as Art classes encompassed a large body of my curriculum in college.

I have been creating jewelry for myself and others since the age of 15 and have worked with many art & craft mediums throughout the years. Over 20 years ago, I fell back on my trusty love and ability to make jewelry in needs to support my son and I . The jewelry biz journey began in one of the most amazing places ever..

this magical place to live , raise children ,play, work and grow in life is like the alchemy

Of metal.. evolving and changing , pushing your abilities and finding boundaries... LIFE ..

Never give up and always trust yourself.

The journey continues thanks to the support of my lovely husband, sons, family, friends, customers & retailers .